Drag Queen turned Expert in Plus Size Men's Underwear and Swimwear

I have always loved to sew. Every since I was a teenager, I'd alter my underwear to make to more sexy. Later in life, I started to performing in drag and came up with the name Amanda Playwythe (read A Man to Play With). After 11 years of performing, and being dissatisfied with an office job, I thought it was time to branch out on my own. I had been making all my own underwear for daily wear for several years now and I wanted to go pro. They say that when you buckle down and start a business for yourself to find one thing to focus on and I wanted to combine many of my interests into something lucrative. That's when it hit me. Amanda Playwythe brand underwear. Not only would my drag persona be the spokesperson, she could also host events and do promotions. She may even star in a commercial. The ad practically writes itself, "Everyone loves Amanda Playwythe!" And so, a company is started and maybe even a second rate, C-list, dive bar, drag star is born.

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